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Nick began his career in hospitality in Sam's over 15 years ago now. Under the watchful eye of our superstar head Sommelier George Bergier.


The Bury lad is of rather interesting stock, given his dad, Alan "Big Al" Fildes, a familiar face to many Chop House patrons, is an Egyptologist, ancient historian and Alexander the Great super fan. His fantastic late mum, Christine, was a nurse and local hero and perhaps one of the only people in Manchester with more charisma than Big Al. 

It soon became clear to everyone at Sam's, especially George and owner Roger, that Nick was destined to become an alcohol specialist...


Aside from a notable liking for it, his upbringing on Italian football and big Italian red wines meant that Nick was ripe for sommelier-ifying. Most 18 year olds would struggle to identify any wine other than by colour, but Nick was already a connoisseur of Barolo, Nero d'Avola, Amarone, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Montepulciano and Barbera. As we said, good stock, ripe for picking.

More than15 years on Nick is a qualified sommelier (putting in a truly exceptional blind tasting performance in his last exam in spite of being half-cut). He has also helped establish successful bars both up north and in London.


Nick re-joined us at the Chop House during the COVID-19 lockdown, originally to set up and run our online Sam's Wine Club, finding and selling cracking wines and hosting our ZOOM tasting events. Now he and George work together on all things wine related from wine lists to tasting evenings. Nick also looks after the bars at both Tom's and Sam's to make sure the drinks keep flowing.

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